Weight Management System

Laboratory Weight Management System

Laboratory Weight Management System

One of the weakest links in regulatory compliance in a pharmaceutical laboratory has been handling the weighing done routinely.

LWMS offers on line capture of weighing from analytical and other balances and record them in a data base. The weights can be assigned to particular samples or AR Nos and can be easily traced through LWMS. Weights of not only sample and standards but also those required for mobile phase preparation or any other purpose are captured and categorized accordingly.

Provision for tracing for particular AR No or sample greatly eases review which can now be done on line. Weight printouts can be done away with.

Some key features are :

  • Online capture of weights and recording in Data Base for all types of weighing.
  • On line review by filtering on AR No, sample name or any other keyword possible.
  • Automatic transfer of weights to Chromeleon CDS.
  • Extensive reports include balance log, user wise logs and many more.
  • Flexible User Management and policies allows to configure the software to individual needs.

LWMS is a great step towards enhancing data integrity and achieving regulatory compliance.