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Chromsword Method Development Software for HPLCs

Chromsword Method Development Software for HPLCs

ChromSwordAuto® is automated chromatographic method development software supporting rapid development of separation methods in liquid chromatography with a minimum of experimenting.

ChromSwordAuto® can be used for optimizing separations in reversed-phase, normal-phase and ion-exchange liquid chromatography including SFC.

In conjunction with HPLC instruments and HPLC software, it creates a powerful specialized HPLC method development system capable of developing completely new methods or improving existing ones automatically.

ChromSwordAuto® combines automated instrument control & data exchange with mathematical optimization procedures and artificial intelligence for making decisions after each run. Chromsword offers optimization for isocratic and multistep gradient runs and method screening with various Columns / Solvents/ Buffers/ temperature combinations.

Powerful tool for most important HPLC method development tasks

  • FULLY AUTOMATIC Development of new or improvement of existing HPLC methods.
  • Development of ASSAY and/or RELATED SUBSTANCES/IMPURITIES methods.
  • Development of RELATED SUBSTANCES/IMPURITIES methods with impurities < 0.05 area%
  • ChromSwordAuto® supports CHIRAL HPLC method development.
  • Structured steps, documented for future review in accordance with QbD guidelines.

ChromSwordAuto® - support for all stages of HPLC method development.