Chromatography Instrument & Software

Chromatography Interface and Software

Chromatography Interface and Software

Winchrom–EX is easy to use chromatography software which takes analog inputs from any chromatography instrument and provides rich features for integration and further data processing. It achieves a fine balance of complex features and ease of use. For the routine operator it just take two clicks to start a run from opening the application and for the seasoned chromatographer array of features like manual base correction, report design, multi-level calibration etc. are available.


The structured software gives clear module wise operation based on specific functions like Method editing, Report formatting, Chromatogram optimizing, Multiple Chromatogram operations etc.

Winchrom has similar functionality to Winchrom–EX but offers reduced features and maintains the same simplicity of operation and ease of use.

Both Winchrom and Winchrom-EX come in either single or dual channel configuration. Both the inputs are completely isolated and can be used with GCs and HPLCs.