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Automated Sample Preparation System for HPLCs

The Rapid Extraction System from CambTEK, Cambridge, UK offers innovative automation in sample preparation for solid dosage forms like tablets, capsules, pellets, powders, gels, swabs, stents, beads etc. The RES uses turbulent fluidic flow and optional ultrasonic energy to extract samples.

The samples are loaded in the flow cell and the system automatically performs extraction, filtration and dilution before dispensing in a HPLC vial, ready for analysis. The five solvent lines offer flexibility and mix choice of solvents.

The 2 D barcode is used to track the sample right from extraction to disposal to comply with the regulatory norms.

With this system one of the most cumbersome tasks of a laboratory is automated freeing the chemists for other jobs.

This is apart from a host of advantages one gets from automation of sample preparation, some of which are listed below:

  • Full traceability of samples from extraction to disposal by use of 2 D bar codes, compliant with latest requirements.
  • Unattended operation of up to 30 samples.
  • Fluidics and sonication provides equivalence to manual methods
  • Comprehensive post extraction report allows for detailed OOS investigations.
  • Eliminates manual variations to ensure consistent results irrespective of user or laboratory.
  • Cleaner and safer environment as closed system results minimal solvent vapours.
  • Easy to use and user friendly software.

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